Erin | An Update

In early 2023, we shared Erin’s story with you. A candidate for one of the homes in our 10 Homes for 10 Families program, as of December of 2024, Erin is also now a LIFE Skills graduate. We’re so blessed to have witnessed the ways God’s moved in her through our LIFE Skills program these past couple of years. Here’s what Erin shared:

I am a LIFE Skills graduate and Love INC caseworker. I am also a felon, a cancer survivor, an addict, a divorcee, and a forgiven child of God.

In the last couple of years that I have been part of LIFE Skills, I have remained sober, built a relationship with my kids and God, went to school and gotten a job where I can show others the love of God the same way it was shown to me. But more importantly, I finally see a future that is not only safe but open to possibilities.

Love INC and this community have invested so much time, energy, and love into my family that I will forever be grateful. My life has changed and so have the lives of my sons. Thank you Love INC!